KONE Spares Cyber Monday Flash Sale 2018

KONE Spares is holding a Cyber Monday Flash Sale! We’ve dropped the price of this E5000 Escalator Chain Roller Guide way down low, so this is your chance to pass the savings on to your customers!

AND to make it even better, if you have an existing quote with KONE Spares … for today only, take an additional 5% off of your already low project price.

Contact us today for more details!

MAC Maintenance Parts Kit

Our parts photographer, Brian, brought this to our attention. He thought it would be really handy for anyone working on MAC door equipment, and suggested we focus some attention on it.

We told him, “Brian! That’s a great idea. This kit is very much underutilized.” And so here it is:  MAC Parts Kit, Part Number US521099


If you’re working on MAC equipment, you’ll no doubt find this parts kit indispensable!




New and Updated Products

For those who weren’t at the NAEC Conference in Atlantic City, here’s a quick peek at all the new and updated products we showcased there:

For More Info: Montgomery HR Escalator Safety Upgrade ≫

For More Info: Bright Brush, our combination escalator safety brush and LED track lighting ≫

For More Info: Our Differential Handrail Drive for Westinghouse Modular Escalators ≫

For More Info: KSS Vandal Resistant Elevator Buttons for KONE Elevators ≫

For More Info: Slimline Power Stop, our emergency escalator stop and start stations ≫

Stop by and see us at NAEC’S 69th Annual Convention & 2018 Exposition in Atlantic City

If you’re attending NAEC’S 69th Annual Convention & 2018 Exposition in Atlantic City, stop by and have your photo taken with our “special guest.”

We’ll be at booth #1113, and besides showcasing our new Field Friendly Safety Solutions, we will have our special mystery guest and multiple giveaways!

Prizes (you won’t want to miss these!) will begiven away on:

  • Wednesday, September 26th at 10:30, 12:30, 2:30, and 4:30
  • Thursday, September 27th at 9:30, 11:30, 1:00, and 3:30

So remember to stop by and say hello — you’ll be glad you did!

Preparing Your Elevator for a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season again, so we’re keeping this checklist up at the top of our blog. Let’s all make sure to stay safe, and if you need us, we’re here for you.

So, on to the hurricane preparedness list…


  • Check all sump pumps, float switches and alarms in elevator pits.
  • Close up all vents and openings in top of hoistway and machine room to prevent water from entering.
  • If elevators open to the outside, place sandbags along the bottom of hoistway doors. Since this makes the elevator unusable, do this just before shutting down the elevator.


  • Run elevators to the top floor of hoistway and pull the main breaker in the elevator machine room (not in the building’s main breaker room).
  • Park elevators with doors closed.
  • Do not operate elevators during the hurricane.


  • Inspect the elevator pit, cab and machine room for any water. Do not energize main line breaker if water is found.
  • If water is found, call your elevator service provider immediately!
  • Do not attempt to start elevator if power is out – call your electric company

Even with the proper preparations, hurricanes often cause power outages and surges that can stop elevators between floors and entrap passengers, and worse, knock out the emergency communication system. Be aware that people may be trapped in elevators with no way to call for help. We can’t state this strongly enough: never try to exit, or attempt to help others exit, a stalled elevator without trained professional rescue workers on hand.