Value, and the Escalator Step Roller Blues

These are blue step rollers.

blue escalator step rollers

If you work on escalators, you’ve probably seen a lot of rollers. You’ve probably replaced a lot of them. You can get them just about everywhere.

We sell them too … in fact we sell a lot of them. If one shops around, you’ll probably find them for quite a bit less somewhere else. But if you do, you won’t really be saving money.

blue escalator step rollerOur blue rollers are not just any blue rollers. These are high quality, made-to-OEM-spec rollers which last up to 2-3 times longer than the ones you get elsewhere.  So if you add up the fact that you’ll buy many more of them over the years, and spend more big dollars in labor installing them, you end up paying far more that if you simply plunked down the cost of getting the real thing in the first place.

So here’s our tip: Labor is where the real savings is.  Whether it’s blue rollers, or roller skates, or a new tire for your motorcycle, factor in the total cost including lifespan and labor before you judge which is the better deal.

You can tell we are rather fond of our blue rollers.

They keep on rolling.