Remember, We’re Open Today!

Just a quick reminder to all you hard working souls on this Black Friday, 2014: We’re here for you! Open and waiting for those emergencies that we all know is going to happen … call us between 7:00 AM to Noon CST and we’ll help you look like a hero to your customers … because you’re also heroes to us!

Also, by way of freshly received high-demand parts news, this week we just got shipments of these in stock, and they’re sitting in the warehouse ready for you (each of these are direct links so you can click and follow them directly to the part):

US69043001 – WHEEL, 3″ OD, 22MM ID
DEE4008754 – ROLLER, D75/20MM W=23.5MM BLACK
DEE4008753 – ROLLER, D100/20MM W=25MM
DEE4001536 – ROLLER 110X27 PU-PA-ST 6204-2RS

Here’s hoping you had a great Thanksgiving!