MAC What?!

MAC What?

Sandy, one of our managers, began getting calls for MAC Cosmetics to her phone at her desk. People were excited that a new MAC Cosmetics outlet was finally opening in our area.

Here’s the problem: Sandy doesn’t sell MAC Cosmetics.

So she does a Google search and discovers our warehouse address, and her phone number, had been listed as connected to the cosmetics company. How? We don’t know. It’s a mystery!

But here’s a clue: the address is the former warehouse of MAC Door operators, who we long ago purchased, and still sell and support.

Mary and I told her this was a perfect opportunity, and she should go ahead and start selling MAC Cosmetics on the side.

Sandy didn’t think that was very funny. She just wanted the phone calls to stop.

Since the phone calls are┬ácoming to us, and the address belongs to us, I was able to log into Google and claim the site, verify we owned it, and make changes. But apparently the changes are so great that it triggered something at Google and so everything’s been put on hold so they can review it.


So pretty!

In the meantime, half of the changes I’ve made are showing up, but half are still the original wrong information.

Now if you google MAC Cosmetics Moline it looks like we have a store that sells elevator and escalator parts, and cosmetics.

Which leads me to ask, what color blush goes with this door opener control board?