Name That Fish!

A rather silly chain of events, sparked from our recent Leap Day promotion, has lead us to setting up an aquarium in our office. The fish inhabiting it is a Betta, and for symbolic reasons (which we won’t go into publically) he’s become our beautiful little mascot.

Unfortunately we have yet to come up with an appropriate name for him, and we had the idea of asking for your help…


One of the webmaster’s friends suggested we name him “Alpha,” so that he’d be “Alpha the Betta.” While that is clever and we like it, we were actually hoping for something somehow related more to elevators or escalators.

If you have any ideas, either leave them as a comment here, or on our Facebook page, or give us a call and tell us in person: (800) 343-3344

We’ll send a genuine KONE Spares combination 8GB USB Thumbdrive / Bottle Opener* to whomever suggests a name that sticks for our little mascot.

* this fun little combo thumbdrive / bottle opener works well for both uses, as it’s been thoroughly tested by our webmaster in both data transfers and opening many, many beer bottles. Plus it’s aluminum and can actually withstand living on your keychain.

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