The Differential Handrail Drive for Westinghouse Modular Escalators

At the recent NAEC Conference in Atlantic City, we released some new products. This is one of them: The Differential Handrail Drive for Westinghouse Modular Escalators.

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A more convenient way to order parts for Montgomery E5000 Escalators

We know that working with our legacy E5000 can be a bit of a challenge, but we’re here to help! KONE Spares now offers repair packages of key components to ease the process of refurbishment.

Packages include both aesthetic and mechanical options, such as steps, handrails, step chains, brushes, sensors, rollers, and much more.

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Introducing the KONE Spares Elevator and Escalator Lubrication Guide

When it comes to lubricating the components of an elevator or escalator, it’s not a “one size fits all” type situation. Depending on the make, model, and component, each one might take a very specific type of lubricant.

With that in mind our lifecycle engineering team created a guide which specifies what lubricant to use with which component for all the various makes and models we support. Here’s more about it in this video:

To get to the KONE Spares Elevator and Escalator Lubrication Guide, use this handy link:

Escalator Cleandowns

It’s time to start scheduling escalator cleandowns.

Escalators, moving walks, and their components should be cleaned periodically to prevent accumulations of dirt, grit, lubricants, and all the candy wrappers, lollipop sticks, bottle caps, and other weird stuff that somehow makes its way into the inner workings of the machine.

Sure, it’s a dirty job, but you know what they say: Someone’s got to do it. The good news is we do what we can to make it quicker and easier.

First of all, remember the barricade. Keep yourself and the public safe. If your current ones are falling apart, which they oft seem to do, give ours a try. They’re going to be some of the best built, sturdiest, and long lasting barricades you can get:

· KONE Spares Maintenance Barrier »

Cleaners, wax, pit pads, rags … we have you covered. These are the basics you can’t do without:

· US63043 Concentrated Cleaner, Case (4 gal) »
· USP23307 Handrail Cleaner, “Q”, Case (12 qt) »
· USP23277 Handrail Wax, Case (12 qt) »
· US514660 Pit Pads to absorb oil, Qty 100 »
· US500000010 Rags, 10lb Bag »

You know what else comes in handy? An Escalator Cleandown Vacuum:

· KM50030715H01 Portable Handheld Vacuum »

How about a specially designed oiler to make lubrication fast and easy? We have you covered there, too:

· US521157 OIL-EE Chain Oiler »

We’ve had great feedback from the field on the OIL-EE. It allows oiling of step chains from outside the escalator pit – saving time and messy clean-up. Features include:

· Heavy duty 2 gallon polyethylene sprayer
· 45″ long heavy duty brass wand with replaceable oil brush
· Heavy duty trigger handle with lock
· Oil flow regulator valve
· 56″ heavy duty fuel line hose
· Retractable, sealed PVC brush cover with cap to limit oil dripping after use

Remember, scheduled escalator clean downs will, in the long run, save time and money, and also give an opportunity to discover problems that can be addressed before they become safety issues — or an even bigger problem.

KONE Spares Escalator RENUIT Program

KONE Spares offers upgrade and refurbishment packages for the older Montgomery HR model escalators you may have running in your buildings.

This program is called RENUIT.

Through our RENUIT program we will work with you to provide upgrade and refurbishment packages that pace your budget while renewing, enhancing and extending the life of your current escalator.

The RENUIT program will support full replacement of equipment with tear down to the truss, or selectively replacing and upgrading vital components on a programmed schedule.

RENUIT will rejuvenate your escalator by targeting selective system level replacement and upgrades of vital components.

It will also enhance your rider’s experience by giving the escalator a new visual profile.

Upgraded components will increase the machine’s reliability, life span, and, most importantly, safety.

With the KONE Spares RENUIT program you have the benefit of

  • Replacing old components through packaged modular repair options
  • Saving money by purchasing packages instead of buying the components individually
  • Enhancing the visual profile of your building with new components
  • Improving the reliability of the equipment, resulting in less call outs, and enhanced safety for the riding public
  • And extending the useful life of your building’s aging equipment

Adding up all the time and cost savings our RENUIT programs offer, you can rejuvenate your existing escalator with complete refurbishment packages, enhance the visual profile of your building with a complete new appearance, upgrade old components, improve reliability and enhance safety, and turn your aging equipment into an efficient, well-tuned machine.

For more information about our RENUIT program, contact KONE Spares today. Our sales support team will work closely with you, review your requirements, and provide you with a RENUIT proposal custom tailored to your budget and timeline.

Contact KONE Spares today and let’s find out if RENUIT is right for your project.