Complimentary Registration for NAEC 2018


Going to the NAEC convention in Atlantic City this year? Let us help you skip the registration fees!

You can register online at and all you need to activate complimentary registration is to use our Exhibitor Comp Code:  KOS1113 

And, also, you need to stop by our booth and say hello to us because… We want to see you! 🙂

DO NOT DELAY. This offer ends on August 31st, after which admission to the exposition is $80.00 for NAEC Members and $105 for Non-Members.

So remember, go to, fill out the registration, and then use the code KOS1113, and … you’re in!

ALSO: If you have problems clicking the “Continue” button at the bottom of the NAEC registration, make sure you click the word “here,” scroll all the way to the bottom of the agreement, and agree to the terms and conditions. (It’s a little hard to find.)

Good morning from NAEC booth #1113!

Here’s a message from our team at NAEC in Atlantic City this morning:

Good morning from NAEC booth #1113

Posted by KONE Spares USA on Monday, September 25, 2017


Also, courtesy of our colleague Paul, here’s a 360° view of our booth:

(This is from a service called “” and it sometimes takes a while to load)

If you’d like to see us when we’re broadcasting live, please make sure to follow us on Facebook!

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Tara and Meghan are on their way to NAEC 2017!

Recorded live from the airport:

Can't wait to see you tomorrow – booth #1113

Posted by KONE Spares USA on Sunday, September 24, 2017

We’re going to be broadcasting live to Facebook for NAEC 2017 … and beyond! Follow us on Facebook to be notified when we go live:

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