Happy Thanksgiving!

Firstly, we want to make sure everyone knows we’ll be open the day after Thanksgiving from 7 to Noon, because … you know … stuff happens on Black Friday.

Secondly, here’s another silly JibJab video we made for your Thanksgiving enjoyment…

Last, but not least, we want to THANK YOU, our dear customers and business partners, and in case you haven’t seen it, we have a video from last year expressing this sentiment…

This leprechaun is out of luck, but you’re not!

Jerry the Leprechaun

We keep a huge amount of inventory in stock so that it’s here and ready to ship when you need it.

If that weren’t enough, we’ve revisited the prices on over 7000 items, so that when you suddenly need that otherwise hard to find part, not only can we say, “Yes, we have that,” we’ll quote you a price that will make you feel like you’ve just found a pot of gold.

Combine that with unparalleled service, our eagerness to help, and our passion to help you succeed … why would you go anywhere else?

Call us today and let us show you our magic! 800-343-3344


Toys For Tots Update: Over 1,200 Toys!

We are really happy to announce that we blasted past our $10,000 Toys For Tots fundraising goal. This year we raised $12,000 and delivered over 1,200 toys (really good toys — not cheapies) to the T4T Foundation.

Yes! We are really happy about this! The thought of happy children warms our hearts and makes this a better world.

CSA-Certified LED Escalator Step Demarcation Lights going on Special

We’re getting ready to put a new special up on the main website, but while that’s being prepped, you get to hear about it here first.
KM992192G02 Escalator Demarcation Light
These Made in USA escalator step demarcation lights are CSA-Certified for compliance with CSA-B44.1 / ASME-A17.5 codes. Note: A UL rating alone is not code compliant. These demarcation lights are fully compliant.

For the month of December, we’ve set these lights to a special price as a “Thank you!” to you, our customers:

– KM992192G01 Escalator Demarcation Light (for 24 VAC applications) $188.00
KM992192G02 Escalator Demarcation Light (for 120 VAC applications) $188.00

These LED demarcation lights are easy to install with a direct replacement mounting bracket (included) for Montgomery/KONE HR, E5000, and ECO3000 escalators, and are readily adaptable to other manufacturer’s escalator units.

Even though this special isn’t officially announced, it’s on for you, our blog readers … you get it first! For more information, give us a call. We’ll set you up with some of these rather special “holiday” lights. 😉