Slimline Power Stop for Escalators

For safety’s sake, let’s make sure escalator passengers can find the stop button in an emergency. In some older units that can be a challenge, so here’s a solution.

Our new power stop and start stations are an excellent safety upgrade for your escalators and auto walks.  By placing the Slimline Power Stop station at the top of the escalator handrail newel, it provides passengers with easier access and greater visibility.

  • Pre-wired for efficient installation
  • Instructions and wiring diagram included
  • Available in stainless and brass
  • Standard applications in stock
  • Custom applications available upon request
  • Our models fit most escalators
  • Solid Craftsmanship

Safety Week Here at KONE Spares

We are in the midst of our annual safety awareness week here at KONE Spares and decided it would fitting to bring back a message we posted this time last year.

This was our very own Tara Humlick, who has moved on to another career outside the industry, but we greatly miss her and think she did a perfect job summing up our focus on safety in this video. And so, one last time … take it away, Tara!