OEM Parts Are The Real Value

This morning we sent the following message out to a number of our customers via email:

There’s always going to be someone out there trying to convince you to buy a non-OEM part. They’ll say it’s just as good, it’s exactly the same, etc.OEM Escalator Step and Chain

Well, it’s not.

An OEM part is the best value. Why would you spend the same amount of money for something that’s not authentic? That’s just crazy.

Don’t fall for the madness! Buy the genuine part.

Your future self will thank you for it.

We sent this out because we mean it. A non-OEM part is an attempt to duplicate something, but make it for less money, so it can be sold for a higher profit. But just duplicating a part is like getting only half of a story. Only the OEM knows why a part was designed a certain way, what stresses it’s likely to endure, and how it will interact with all the other parts it was designed to work with.

Yotower-of-blue-rollersu can also think of it this way: do you want your picture taken with your favorite movie star, or do you want your picture taken with a cardboard cutout of your favorite movie star? The picture might end up looking the same, but it’s not.

In this week’s kick off of our Safety Week 2014, it’s important to remember and recognize that escalators are complicated and intricate, as are elevators, and carry a high responsibility towards safety. You want all those parts working with each other exactly the way they were designed to do.

Without OEM parts there’s no guarantee you’ll get that.

Spares invests in that.