Green Lantern!

What, you were expecting a super hero? Nope. This is the real green lantern. 🙂

You can’t see it in this picture (because there’s no power going to the unit) but when lit, the LED lights on this CSA-Certified escalator step demarcation light shine a very bright green.


You don’t need a green filter on it, like you do with older lights, and unlike other green LED escalator demarcation lights these are fully CSA-Certified and for compliance with CSA-B44.1 / ASME-A17.5 codes. Other brands may have a UL rating but that alone is not enough to be code compliant.

Because of this, and because they’re so easy to install — and because they’re also readily adaptable to multiple manufacturer’s escalator units — these are really popular here at KONE Spares, so much so that we had to turn up the volume level on our stock to keep up with demand. They come with a direct replacement mounting bracket for Montgomery / KONE HR, E5000, and ECO3000 escalators. Just pop them in and go.

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Our Powerhouse Purchasing Team

One of our mottoes is “We have more than you know, for less than you think,” and no one knows this better than our powerhouse purchasing team. We can’t pass lower prices on to you without them working hard to get us the lower prices in the first place.

We’d like to take this moment to thank them for helping make KONE Spares the best place to shop for all major OEM elevator/escalator service parts!

KONE Spares Purchasing Team

Gone Mobile

This has been live for a few weeks now, but it’s time we officially announced it. If you visit our main website at on your phone, you’ll now get an optimized, slimmed down mobile website.

mobile website announcement

If you decide you actually want to see the full site while on your phone, there’s a button down at the bottom that will switch you back over.