Safety: It’s What We Live For


As we wrap up our safety awareness week here at KONE Spares, we celebrated our over 8 years of zero injury accidents with a luncheon and a group shot complete with commemorative shirts.

You can bet we all held our breaths and prayed no one would get hurt at the luncheon. That would have been really bad. The good news is, the safety celebration luncheon was completely safe.

A warehouse full of heavy parts and boxes, many of them up on tall shelves, with forklifts, trucks, and cranes moving while our staff rushes to accurately pick parts and ship them out on time — zero injury accidents in over 8 years is something to be proud of, and we are.

We’re also dedicated to be celebrating 10 years, and 15, and 20 years of zero accidents in the same way. Safety is a day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute act of mindfulness. It doesn’t stop, even when this year’s “safety week” is over.

Very good job, team! Good work. Keep it going. And to you out there in the industry — any industry, for that matter, remember that in safety … little things matter.

One For the Kids: Learn about the safe use of elevators and escalators with Max & Bob

Help Bob the elephant in his quest to find his friend Max the mouse in this fun and fast game. Remember to tie your shoelaces and pay attention to the proper use of elevators and escalators!


Play The Game »

It’s estimated that around 200,000 people migrate to cities each day. As cities grow ever larger, growing numbers of people, including children, are using elevators and escalators in their everyday lives. Children are especially excited about gadgets and curious about moving machinery, and so it stands to reason that they’re more prone to accidents than adults.

With this game, we hope to help teach children in a fun and educational way that simple, everyday mindfulness can make a big difference in avoiding accidents.

KONE Spares Safety Week


Here at KONE Spares, we believe that safety is a joint effort – one that involves technology providers, building owners, maintenance service providers, and the people who use the equipment. This is why we continuously develop our people and processes and work together with our partners to promote safety.

Furthermore, we strive to improve the way we communicate about our safety work and actively share information on the safe use of elevator and escalator equipment with everyone. Take for instance, our annual Global Safety Week, which we organize with the aim of strengthening our safety culture and promoting our zero-accident goal. The purpose of this global event is to further boost this industry’s culture for safety. Activities include for example training modules, virtual sessions, toolbox talks, locally organized activities, and also family events for employees and subcontractors.


While we’re proud of our internal safety record, that doesn’t mean we take it for granted. Over three thousand consecutive days without a lost time accident was achieved by adopting a safety conscious mindset, which focuses on doing everything in a safe manner, every minute of every day.

We want everyone, at the end of the day, to go home in the same healthy, happy condition in which they arrived in the morning.