MAC Maintenance Parts Kit

Our parts photographer, Brian, brought this to our attention. He thought it would be really handy for anyone working on MAC door equipment, and suggested we focus some attention on it.

We told him, “Brian! That’s a great idea. This kit is very much underutilized.” And so here it is:  MAC Parts Kit, Part Number US521099


If you’re working on MAC equipment, you’ll no doubt find this parts kit indispensable!




A more convenient way to order parts for Montgomery E5000 Escalators

We know that working with our legacy E5000 can be a bit of a challenge, but we’re here to help! KONE Spares now offers repair packages of key components to ease the process of refurbishment.

Packages include both aesthetic and mechanical options, such as steps, handrails, step chains, brushes, sensors, rollers, and much more.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you! (800) 343-3344

Our Powerhouse Purchasing Team

One of our mottoes is “We have more than you know, for less than you think,” and no one knows this better than our powerhouse purchasing team. We can’t pass lower prices on to you without them working hard to get us the lower prices in the first place.

We’d like to take this moment to thank them for helping make KONE Spares the best place to shop for all major OEM elevator/escalator service parts!

KONE Spares Purchasing Team

CSA-Certified LED Escalator Step Demarcation Lights going on Special

We’re getting ready to put a new special up on the main website, but while that’s being prepped, you get to hear about it here first.
KM992192G02 Escalator Demarcation Light
These Made in USA escalator step demarcation lights are CSA-Certified for compliance with CSA-B44.1 / ASME-A17.5 codes. Note: A UL rating alone is not code compliant. These demarcation lights are fully compliant.

For the month of December, we’ve set these lights to a special price as a “Thank you!” to you, our customers:

– KM992192G01 Escalator Demarcation Light (for 24 VAC applications) $188.00
KM992192G02 Escalator Demarcation Light (for 120 VAC applications) $188.00

These LED demarcation lights are easy to install with a direct replacement mounting bracket (included) for Montgomery/KONE HR, E5000, and ECO3000 escalators, and are readily adaptable to other manufacturer’s escalator units.

Even though this special isn’t officially announced, it’s on for you, our blog readers … you get it first! For more information, give us a call. We’ll set you up with some of these rather special “holiday” lights. 😉

After-Market Escalator Chain is Not a Bargain, and Here’s Why


An independent laboratory analysis of after-market escalator chain (claimed to be the replacement for KONE’s US67884 escalator chain) yields startling results, and causes us grave concern. Here’s why:

This after-market chain does not comply with ANSI Safety Code standards.

The unretouched photo above shows the results from a critical breaking load test performed on a five-link strand of after-market chain claimed to be rated at 41,000 lb. Test results show the after-market chain failed at just 35,000 lb. load. The after-market chain failed the code-required load and factor of safety as defined in ANSI A17.1-2013, Rule

After-Market Chain can Permanently Damage other Critical Escalator Components

Compare these results:


Outer and inner diameters of after-market protection rollers often have a very poor finish (not ground). This condition, combined with excessive hardness that is significantly harder than defined by KONE specifications, can lead to accelerated wear of the bull gears, lower reversing station sprockets and load support curves (novatex boards). The increased internal friction causes rollers to slide instead of roll.

The after-market chain that claimed to be the “equal” of KONE (Montgomery) US67884 and US67883 chain is nowhere close in terms of design, manufacturing quality and code-compliance.


After-market chains are often laser cut (photo on left). KONE chain components are machine-stamped as shown in the photo on the right. Hard-tooled products are more precise.


Outer link plates of after-market chain have deep, uneven grooves from laser cutting. The accumulation of imprecise manufacturing tolerances leads to assembled chain that exhibits skewed orientation when put under a normal operating load. This generates uneven and excessive wear of all operating components in the escalator step band. This begins the moment the after-market chain is installed. Also note the round holes in the after-market chain are not formed with the anti-rotation feature (flats) that is used in KONE chain to prevent rotation of similarly-machined step pins.


Contact surface between outer link plate and the retainer clip on the after-market chain is significantly reduced by the fit between the pin and outer side plate — as much as 15% of the contact area missing (see arrows). This weakens the chain in terms of reduced press-fits and can lead to instabilities (e.g. skewed chain strands) – as reflected in the photos below, showing the skewed relationship of both ends of a chain strand under load.

After-Market Chain Under Load


The right photo illustrates “skewing” of the after-market step chain extended pins when load is applied. In this test, one end of after-market chain is rigidly mounted and load is applied through a swivel. The surface hardness of pins in after-market step chain is found to be hardened to a depth twice that defined by industry standards. This condition can result in very brittle chain pins.

Seriously. Why buy after-market products especially when KONE Spares offers superior OEM products at essentially the same price?

The so-called “bargain” of after-market parts is really no bargain at all.

OEM Parts Are The Real Value

This morning we sent the following message out to a number of our customers via email:

There’s always going to be someone out there trying to convince you to buy a non-OEM part. They’ll say it’s just as good, it’s exactly the same, etc.OEM Escalator Step and Chain

Well, it’s not.

An OEM part is the best value. Why would you spend the same amount of money for something that’s not authentic? That’s just crazy.

Don’t fall for the madness! Buy the genuine part.

Your future self will thank you for it.

We sent this out because we mean it. A non-OEM part is an attempt to duplicate something, but make it for less money, so it can be sold for a higher profit. But just duplicating a part is like getting only half of a story. Only the OEM knows why a part was designed a certain way, what stresses it’s likely to endure, and how it will interact with all the other parts it was designed to work with.

Yotower-of-blue-rollersu can also think of it this way: do you want your picture taken with your favorite movie star, or do you want your picture taken with a cardboard cutout of your favorite movie star? The picture might end up looking the same, but it’s not.

In this week’s kick off of our Safety Week 2014, it’s important to remember and recognize that escalators are complicated and intricate, as are elevators, and carry a high responsibility towards safety. You want all those parts working with each other exactly the way they were designed to do.

Without OEM parts there’s no guarantee you’ll get that.

Spares invests in that.

Value, and the Escalator Step Roller Blues

These are blue step rollers.

blue escalator step rollers

If you work on escalators, you’ve probably seen a lot of rollers. You’ve probably replaced a lot of them. You can get them just about everywhere.

We sell them too … in fact we sell a lot of them. If one shops around, you’ll probably find them for quite a bit less somewhere else. But if you do, you won’t really be saving money.

blue escalator step rollerOur blue rollers are not just any blue rollers. These are high quality, made-to-OEM-spec rollers which last up to 2-3 times longer than the ones you get elsewhere.  So if you add up the fact that you’ll buy many more of them over the years, and spend more big dollars in labor installing them, you end up paying far more that if you simply plunked down the cost of getting the real thing in the first place.

So here’s our tip: Labor is where the real savings is.  Whether it’s blue rollers, or roller skates, or a new tire for your motorcycle, factor in the total cost including lifespan and labor before you judge which is the better deal.

You can tell we are rather fond of our blue rollers.

They keep on rolling.